Strategic 360 Feedback Forum

Strategic 360 Feedback

The Strategic 360 Feedback Forum is a biannual gathering of professionals focused on best practices in 360 degree feedback via structured peer-to-peer learning.   Member companies value 360 degree feedback as a strategic lever, using 360 data to assess, develop, and align leadership talent to achieve business strategy.

3D Group has been the event organizer since 2015.  Participating organizations take turns hosting the event at their corporate headquarters.  Recent Forums have been hosted by Universal Orlando, Walmart, KPMG, and Reuters.  At a typical meeting, several companies present their current 360 process, highlighting innovations and strategic uses.  Presenters pose questions to the group and put forward ideas on how to evolve their process to meet their goals.  Colleagues challenge each other, provide alternative views, and explore the pros and cons of various approaches.

Participating organizations include: KPMG, Liberty Mutual, American Express, General Mills, Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, Universal Orlando, Walmart, and PepsiCo.

Strategic 360 Forum events are complimentary and open to professionals implementing 360 degree feedback within their organizations.

Next Meeting:
Strategic 360 Feedback Forum
April 17th, 2018
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

At our next event, hosted by member company PepsiCo in downtown Chicago, attendees will get an exclusive preview of the new Oxford Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback and a chance to hear from its’ authors in a series of dynamic panel discussions.

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Here’s What Participants Say About the Strategic 360 Feedback Forum:

“A great opportunity to share and learn with peers who manage 360 surveys in their organization. Rich dialogue complemented by thought leadership stretched my thinking, and the learning is sure to help me add more value to our 360 process.” –Mekayla Castro, Director, Leadership Strategy, American Express

“It’s highly beneficial both to hear and share 360 wins and challenges with peers in similar organizations”–Ramzi Baydoun, Senior Manager, Talent, Abbott


Topics from Previous Events:

“Using 360 feedback to drive more than self-insight: How 360s can not only enhance self-awareness for employees, but also build talent assessment and analytical skills across the organization”   –Charlotte Powers, Johnson & Johnson

“The Three Faces of Accountability in 360’s: Two Decades of Futility” -Dave Bracken, Keiser University

“Customize Your Flavor: Differentiating Leadership Behaviors by Level and Tailoring 360 Feedback Processes” -Kira Barden & Lori Dawson, PepsiCo

“The Role of 360s in Liberty Mutual’s Leadership Assessment & Coaching Strategy” – Jessica Knapp, Liberty Mutual

“Linking 360s & Performance Management at Universal Parks & Resorts Using a Common Competency Model” -Kristin Chase, Universal Orlando

“360 Feedback vs. Alternative Forms of Feedback (AFF):  What’s the Difference & Why Should We Care?” -Dale S. Rose, 3D Group