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We provide effective, easy-to-use 360 Feedback and Team Effectiveness tools and manage the survey process, so that you can focus on your client.

360 Feedback Process Overview

Team Navigator Overview (Team Effectiveness)

For Talent Management Consultants:

6/10/21: New Products from 3D Group (Team Navigator & Resilient Leader): Download the Slides

For Project Managers:

6/10/21: New Products from 3D Group (Team Navigator & Resilient Leader): Download the Slides

Printable Brochures for Clients

3D Group Brochure
Leadership Navigator brochure
Resilient Leader “Focused Feedback” brochure (not intended to replace a full 360 process)
Team Navigator brochure & Team Navigator Case Study: The Andersons


Sample Reports & 360 Competency Library

360 Competency Library

360 Feedback Sample Reports

Non-Profit Organizations

360 Trending Report

360 Short Report Format sample

360 Interpretation Guide

Team Navigator Sample Reports

Research/Technical Reports

NEW: Current Practices in 360 Feedback, 7th Edition

Can Changes in 360 Feedback Scores Be Used To Evaluate Leadership Programs
When Does 360 Feedback Create
Behavior Change?

Retail Managers Scores Linked to Sales
Rating Scale Label Effects
Development, Norms and Reliability
Corporate Leader
Individual Contributor
Organizational Leader


As a strategic partner, you’ll get expert support you can count on throughout your project.

When Can I Start?
We can launch your client’s survey within a few business days.

What’s a Typical Survey Timeline?

How Do I Get Started?
Fill out a Job Order Form – See supportive documents below for more detail.

360 Job Order Form (includes Resilient Leader)
360 Pricing Information
360 Customization Options
360 Rater Selection Options

Team Navigator Job Order Form

Participant & Rater Templates

360 Participant & Rater Template

Resilient Leader Participant & Rater Template

Team Navigator Participant & Rater Template

Client Communication Templates
360 Rater Selection Invitation
360 Survey Invitation and Reminder Emails
360 Survey Welcome and Thank You Instructions