Driving Organizational Performance

There’s perhaps never been a more challenging time to effectively engage and develop talent than today.

With the ever-increasing speed of information flow, changes in the way work is being conducted, and the unique demands of managing a multi-generational workforce, it’s not hard to see why HR Professionals have their hands full.

The good news…  3D Group is a trusted expert partner that can help.

3D Group stands ready to help you navigate workforce challenges and positively drive employee engagement and performance.

System-Wide 360 Feedback

As impactful as 360 Feedback can be at the individual level, imagine multiplying that by hundreds or thousands! With a system-wide approach to 360 Feedback, leaders at all levels participate in the process. While the content of the surveys vary by level, care is taken to ensure the competencies assessed all maintain alignment with the organization’s key priorities.

There are several advantages to a system-wide approach including:

  • Conveys a strong organizational commitment to honest feedback and employee development
  • Efficiencies in communication, administration, training, and feedback processes
  • Awareness across all levels and all employees, allowing for better developmental support