Meet Our Leadership Coaches

Dale S. Rose, Ph.D.

Dr. Rose co-founded 3D Group in 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. He is a nationally recogized expert in leadership development, 360 Feedback, and assessment-based human resources solutions. Dr. Rose personally coaches Board members, CEOs and other C-suite executives in a wide range of industries and has authored more than a dozen commercial assessments for identifying and developing talent.

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Before founding 3D Group, he worked for Ameritech and a test publishing subsidiary of National Computer Systems where he developed and validated many widely used selection systems and created dozens of customized hiring systems for Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Rose has taught undergraduate courses ranging from statistics to group dynamics and recently co-edited and authored The Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback from Oxford University Press.  He was also the lead author of Hire Better Teachers Now: Using the Science of Selection to Find the Best Teachers for Your School from Harvard Education Press.  His work has been published in academic journals including Journal of Business and Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, Journal of Educational Research, Evaluation Review, Current Psychology, and Talent Quarterly.  Dr. Rose has been quoted in numerous media outlets, such as Forbes, Financial Times, National Public Radio, Chicago Sun Times, Crains Chicago Business, and Financial Executives International.

Dr. Rose received his Doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from DePaul University with a minor in Organizational Effectiveness Technologies.  When he isn’t helping leaders and organizations to be more effective, teaching or writing, Dr. Rose can be found competing in regional and national backgammon tournaments, riding his bicycle, or cheering on his daughter’s softball team.


Anne Whiting, M.S.

Anne Whiting has real-life, in-the-trenches business acumen and a passion for taking leaders to the next level. With experience as an external consultant as well as a line manager with responsibility for more than 50 employees, Anne understands the challenges that leaders face in leading their teams: the pressure to achieve results, to stay focused and energized, to productively dealing with conflict, to ensure the right skills are available, and to challenging the way things have been done.

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Anne works with leaders at all levels from the C-suite to first-time managers. Her coaching work includes helping leaders gain fresh perspectives on their challenges and understanding the leadership behaviors and dynamics that create high performing teams.  She has a passion for working with women leaders helping them to be more effective, visible, influential and acquire the tools to lead and live authentically.

Anne uses 360 Feedback, stakeholder interviews, and team and personality assessments to help her clients see themselves more clearly and gain insight into how they behave, react and interact with others and learn new ways to respond. Her strengths lie in asking insightful questions and creating a space for leaders to work through their challenges, to become open to constructive feedback, and to think strategically about their organization and career.

Anne has over two decades of experience as a global HR leader and coach.  Her direct industry experience includes consumer packaged goods, aerospace manufacturing, professional services, information technology, and healthcare.  Anne earned her Master of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University in San Diego and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas.  Anne’s coaching has been featured in Forbes and she has presented at numerous professional conferences on the topics of employee engagement, organization design, and executive coaching.

Teresa K. Pappas, Ph.D.

Teresa Pappas has more than 19 years of organization development experience within the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial services, and publishing industries. She is a Coach University Advanced Corporate Coaching graduate and an ICF Certified Coach. Teresa is a results-driven professional who has a history of partnering with senior executives to provide outcome-based solutions that achieve organizational goals.


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Teresa has broad knowledge and skill in her specialty areas of executive coaching, organization development, talent management and performance assessment. In addition, she has demonstrated expertise in designing, implementing, and evaluating initiatives that optimize human talent and increase organizational effectiveness.

As an executive coach, Dr. Pappas works with both individuals and groups. Throughout, she demonstrates a proven ability to establish rapport quickly and develop credible and trusted relationships. She has coached all levels of leaders within organizations, including C-suite executives, to increase: leadership awareness, performance, accountability, and positive behavioral change in executing toward end goals. She has aided clients by maximizing their innate potential in the areas of: employee relationships, communication skills, leadership effectiveness, and personal development. Dr. Pappas includes individual assessments (as appropriate) as part of the leadership coaching process, including both 360 degree feedback as well as other diagnostics (e.g., MBTI, HBDI, DiSC).

Teresa’s coaching style enables individuals and groups to envision the outcomes they want and then develop specific strategies to reach their goals. Clients attest to Dr. Pappas’ engaging, collaborative, and skillful coaching style that meets them where they are and helps them to grow and develop. Teresa’s approach is to be fully present in the coaching moment, offer perspective, challenge assumptions and ask questions based on insight. She encourages clients to stretch to fill the gap between where they are currently and where they want to be. Dr. Pappas coaches successful professionals who are focused on their continual growth and development of leadership skills. In addition, she expects clients to be active participants in the leadership coaching process and demonstrate a genuine commitment to confidential coaching goals and associated actions.

Working across various industries, Teresa has held positions at Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Volkswagen of America, Inc., Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Pearson Performance Solutions (formerly McGraw Hill/London House). She has taught various undergraduate and graduate courses and is currently an adjunct faculty member with the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, teaching Research Methods for Management. Teresa received her Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology and her B.S. in Applied Psychology from Loyola University Chicago (Magna Cum Laude). She has presented papers nationally to the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Society, and has published in the Journal of Business and Psychology. Teresa resides in Vernon Hills, Illinois with her husband and two daughters.

Elna Moore Hall, Ph.D.

Elna Moore Hall has served as an advisor to leaders in a range of organizations for over two decades. She has broad expertise in global leadership development, supporting clients across industries including telecommunications, manufacturing, aviation, financial services and education. Because she has experience as both an internal and external consultant to managers, as well as direct experience as a corporate manager, Elna is well-positioned to understand the daily challenges that managers face.

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Elna partners with clients to align their leadership strategy with their business objectives, and creates solutions that attract, motivate and retain key leadership talent. Dr. Hall has consulted across four continents on leadership issues.

Whether supporting a Fortune 50 corporation or a community nonprofit agency, Elna brings a results orientation to the leadership coaching experience. She knows that when leaders are focused on the right objectives and armed with the right skills, they can engage a workforce to produce extraordinary outcomes. Elna also believes that regardless of the size of an organization or the challenges it is experiencing, the core principles of results-driven leadership remain the same. It is her objective as a leadership coach to help leaders prioritize their focus on those core areas, and to understand the impact that their leadership behaviors have on their organization’s overall business performance.

Elna has particular expertise in acting as a trusted advisor to managers during periods of extraordinary organizational change. She has coached clients during mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, layoffs and division launches. Through these varied experiences, Dr. Hall has seen first-hand that skilled leadership can be the critical factor that determines an organization’s success in a turbulent business environment. Her goal is to give clients the just-in-time information and feedback to equip them to face their unique challenges confidently and effectively.

Dr. Hall is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on leadership, globalization and organizational learning, and has served as an adjunct faculty member at DePaul University in Chicago. She is not only familiar with the theory behind best leadership practices, but knows from experience about the practical concerns of implementing them in organizations. She strongly believes that even the best-conceived leadership program is ineffective if it doesn’t fit with an organization’s unique culture and work practices. It is a consistent focus of Elna’s professional work to provide clients with an ideal balance of the science and real-life practice of leadership.

She has led efforts in human capital strategy assessment and design, succession management, “best employer” program design and benchmarking of talent management programs. Elna worked for several years as a Senior Talent and Organization Consultant with Hewitt Associates, and was a research contributor to its Insights and Innovation practice group. She spent extensive time in management of leadership and organization development functions in Motorola’s Land Mobile Products and Cellular Infrastructure divisions. She holds a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from DePaul University.

Barbara E. Miller

Barbara has 30 years of experience coaching and consulting to leaders in private, public, academic and non-profit organizations. Barb knows first hand about the day-to-day realities and pressures experienced by leaders. because she has been a manager in four organizations (Freddie Mac, the U.S. House of Representatives, California Pacific Medical Center and Stanford University). Thus, her recommendations are both theoretically sound and pragmatic.

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Barb’s consulting and coaching work includes helping organizations manage change, increase leadership capacity, and build teams. Barb has coached leaders at all levels in organizations from the C-Suite to front line supervisors. As an organization development professional, she brings a unique systems approach to her coaching practice. Individuals live within a system; thus it is critical to provide clients with individual, team and organization perspectives and skills. She is consistently recognized for her ability to develop trust, listen and customize her expertise to specific individual and organizational cultural uniqueness.

Barb has developed an expertise and passion in applying cutting-edge knowledge of neuroscience to leadership, team collaboration and organization change in order to optimize creativity and productivity. Using neuroscience expertise, Barb is able to discern keen insights into human behavior and provide forthright feedback to help her clients accelerate their growth while also providing them with a model for increasing the effectiveness of their team. Whether it is Millennials, Boomers, engineers or sales people, insights into our brain engages everyone in better understanding their own behavior and how to most effectively operate in an organizational culture and achieve business goals.

She has designed and conducted seminars on leadership, managing change, communication skills, selection interviewing, performance review systems, women in management, career development, conflict resolution, empowerment, self-managing teams, managing individual differences, working in a virtual environment and work-life harmony.

Her clients include: Kaiser Permanente, Hewlett-Packard, Rebuilding Together San Francisco, Twitter, Clif Bar, Coventya, Intel, HSBC, REI, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Advanced Micro Devices, Juniper Networks, Lotus Bakeries, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Merck, Schwab, Wells Fargo, Center for Youth Wellness, Isaacson Miller, Dominican University, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley.

Barb has taught Leadership and Organization Change at U.C. Berkeley Extension, Dominican University and the University of San Francisco. She spearheaded a three-year, $2.5 million, cutting-edge action research project sponsored by the Ford Foundation on culture change and Work-Life Integration. As a result of this research, she published a workbook: ReInventing Work: Relinking Life and Livelihood that has been translated into Japanese and Hebrew.

Barbara has a Master’s Degree in Management Science and Women Studies. She lives in Marin County and is an avid hiker and a retired soccer mom having gone to all of her daughter’s soccer games for 12 years.

Cynthia Alt, Ph.D.

Dr. Cynthia Alt has over 24 years consulting to both Fortune 200 companies and entrepreneurs. With her roots in organizational development and change management, Dr. Alt’s consultations range from strategic planning, organizational and leadership development, and business alignment initiatives. All have resulted in increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Her expertise resides in her ability to align individual and organizational goals in order to maximize productivity and obtain strategic goals in a measurable way.

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Dr. Alt has consulted to executives and entrepreneurs on organizational development issues that include:
Coaching executives on aligning their individual and organizational goals in order to maximize productivity and obtain strategic goals resulting in measurable results for both.

Implementing leadership development initiatives for that build leadership bench strength in the organization for successful strategic plan execution and business alignment.

Assessing, designing, and implementing organizational cultures that result in increased employee and customer satisfaction and managing that change process.

Providing a dynamic learning environment for individuals and teams in order to improve processes and performance.

Facilitating executive teams through strategic planning and business alignment exercises creating a valued proposition.

Cynthia received her PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1993; her dissertation focused on ways to induce creativity in teams. She has been an adjunct faculty member of Alliant International University’s Marshall Goldsmith School of Management teaching graduate courses in Organization Theory, Business Principles and Change Management. She is a full member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (participating on their Certification Expert Panel), The Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists, Human Resource Strategy Forum, and American Psychological Association.

Michael Zia Mian, Ph.D.

Michael Zia Mian has over 16 years of global consulting experience in talent management. He has worked with organizations in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, transportation, telecommunications, technology, manufacturing, and city governments. Michael has deep expertise in employee engagement, assessment feedback, and leadership and career coaching. He is a graduate of the International Coach Institute and an ICF certified coach.

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Michael coaches individuals at all levels including early career professionals, front line leaders, senior managers, and small business owners. Michael’s coaching approach includes developing a strong rapport with clients and using assessments to identify passions, strengths, road blocks, and derailers. He asks critical questions to help clients better understand their motives, decisions, and potential. Michael believes in helping people derive their own solutions to problems through awareness, brainstorming, and action planning for improved personal and organizational effectiveness. Michael is known as an “encourager” he derives a great deal of fulfillment from seeing people achieve their goals.
Michael has held many positions within talent management consulting firms, including Mercer, Censeo Corporation, and Wilson Learning where he designed and implemented employee assessment and feedback initiatives. He has also taught psychology and leadership courses at several universities, including the University of Oklahoma, University of South Florida, and Rollins College.
Michael has lived in several countries including Jamaica, Canada and the US and has worked with clients in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida, a M.A. in the same discipline from the University of New Haven, and a B.A. in Economics and Psychology from Queen’s University. When not advising clients, Michael volunteers with the Central Florida Jobs Initiative helping people in career transition develop effective resumes and interviewing skills. He is an avid tennis and squash player and lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and two children.

Stuart Sidle, Ph.D.

As a coach, Dr. Sidle has assisted numerous business executives gain self-awareness around how they come across to others and gain insight on how to best prepare for the next level of leadership. As a consultant, Dr. Sidle’s passion lies in helping organizations develop high-performance management teams and in creating human resource solutions (e.g., employee selection methods, supervisor training, and performance evaluation systems) that better align employee performance and strategic goals. He has worked with leaders at organizations such as the Federal Reserve Bank, China Trust USA, and Juniper Networks (just to name a few). Based on his experience as a consultant to dozens of organizational leaders and on his research on leadership-subordinate relations, human resource management systems, and job stress, he is frequently quoted in the news media.

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In his academic career, Dr. Sidle has served in leadership roles (e.g., Department Chair and Dean) and faculty roles teaching courses in leadership, human resource management and organizational development. Currently, he is an administrative leader and faculty member at the University of New Haven. Before joining UNH, Dr. Sidle held full-time faculty appointments at DePaul University’s College of Commerce and at Saint Xavier University’s Department of Psychology. He is proud to have won awards for excellence in teaching at all three universities. In addition to presenting his ideas and research on workplace issues such as job stress, work satisfaction, employee surveys, change management and leadership development at a wide variety of companies and conferences, he has published in such journals as the Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Perspectives, Organizational Research Methods, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology and the Journal of Business and Psychology. Dr. Sidle received his B.A. from American University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from DePaul University.