Helping Leaders Reach Their Full Potential

We believe every leader has enormous potential, unique to them and based on their upbringing, talents, and experiences. But it can be difficult for a leader to see and act on this potential without support. 

Without clear insight, a practical plan, and accountability, leaders are destined to fall short.

That’s where we can help.

Our coaches are passionate about helping leaders gain clarity, then moving quickly to create a “roadmap” for reaching their potential.

Leadership Coaching

Great coaching requires honest feedback. 

Our assessment-based coaching helps leaders at all levels improve their effectiveness.  Research shows the most effective leaders are aware of their behaviors and understand how their behavior translates into clear strengths and weaknesses on the job. Coaches move leaders through common stalls in the process, supporting them in accepting the need to change and creating accountability.


Experience the 3D Group difference.

Our coaches leverage deep expertise in behavioral science to guide your leaders. Every 3D Group coach is a ”scientist practitioner” with practical business leadership experience.  We achieve extraordinary results by bringing real-world feedback into every coaching engagement and aligning coaching to business goals.

Meet our Leadership Coaches

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From Our Clients:

Two hours with you is like a magnet pulling me to my better future.” – CEO

“Our session last week was one of the best uses of 60 minutes in April for me.  I gleaned a lot in terms of actionable approaches to growth areas.”    -Senior IT Leader

“It has been my pleasure to work with Anne for over three years.  During that period she has helped me grow both professionally and personally far beyond what I imagined during our first coaching session.  Anne has a tremendous amount of experience and is a gifted communicator with a panache for hearing what I’m saying while simultaneously understanding the underlying currents behind my words.  She adeptly guides me in the moment while preparing me to navigate what is yet to come.  We have formed a strong team and she often amazes me with her accurate and powerful insights.”    -Senior Vice President

How 3D Group Coaching Drives Behavior Change

The coach and leader start by identifying coaching goals in your unique organizational context, developing mutual agreements, and understanding KPIs. Coaching is done in the context of the leader’s daily challenges with leaders bringing live situations to work through. Our coaching aligns leaders’ outward behavior with their true intentions and expectations for themselves moving them through the ”4As”: Awareness, Acceptance, Action Planning, and Accountability.

The Coaching Sequence