Helping Leaders Reach Their Full Potential

We believe every leader has enormous potential, unique to them and based on their upbringing, talents, and experiences. But it can be difficult for a leader to see and act on this potential without support. 

Without clear insight, a practical plan, and accountability, leaders are destined to fall short.

That’s where we can help.

Our coaches are passionate about helping leaders gain clarity, then moving quickly to create a “roadmap” for reaching their potential.

Leadership Coaching

A meaningful and productive executive coaching relationship is both an art and a science.

As a firm grounded in the science of measurement, we emphasize the importance of data in any executive coaching engagement. Data -not “gut feel”- should provide the insights, inform priority next steps, and help evaluate progress.

There’s also a very personal side of an executive coaching relationship, and that’s where the “art” comes into play. Every leader is unique, with different core desires, unique preferences and styles, and varying needs around coaching interventions.

With an average of 20+ years of experience, 3D Group’s coaches have mastered this balance of art and science – and achieve extraordinary results.  

Meet our Leadership Coaches

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From Our Clients:

Two hours with you is like a magnet pulling me to my better future.” – CEO

“Our session last week was one of the best uses of 60 minutes in April for me.  I gleaned a lot in terms of actionable approaches to growth areas.”    -Senior IT Leader

“In working with Charles over this past year, I have gained much greater insight into my strengths and greater sensitivity to my challenges.  With his guidance and support, we are creating an engaged and focused workforce with a shared vision and mission.  Charles is a reliable professional with tremendous insight and has become an invaluable advisor and coach!”   -CEO

“It has been my pleasure to work with Anne for over three years.  During that period she has helped me grow both professionally and personally far beyond what I imagined during our first coaching session.  Anne has a tremendous amount of experience and is a gifted communicator with a panache for hearing what I’m saying while simultaneously understanding the underlying currents behind my words.  She adeptly guides me in the moment while preparing me to navigate what is yet to come.  We have formed a strong team and she often amazes me with her accurate and powerful insights.”    -Senior Vice President

Accelerating Behavior Change

Coaching moves leaders through common stalls in the change process, supporting them in accepting the need to change and creating accountability.

Leadership Assessment 

Hire & Develop Great Leaders

When the stakes are high, in-depth leadership assessment gives you the greatest chance of making the best choice.  Whether your focus is leadership development or selection, our leadership assessment process provides a complete picture of an individual leaders’ strengths and weaknesses and their fit for a specific leadership role.

3D Group’s leadership assessments provide an independent evaluation of a leader’s potential to succeed in senior leadership positions and identify potential risks associated with hiring or promotion.  Our comprehensive assessment process can be configured to fit client or role-specific competency models, and our recommendations for hiring or development are deeply grounded in the business context within which each leader will work. Reporting elements and support are tailored to each client’s needs and purpose for the assessment, and follow up development support is available for internal candidates as well as the individual who is hired.

Our Approach

Understand the Job & the Company

Our assessment process starts with gaining a detailed understanding of the leader’s job. We work with you to understand what is needed for the leader to be successful in their role, in the organization, and to execute your organization’s strategy.

Choose the Right Assessment Solution

Leadership assessment is not a one-size fits all process. 3D Group will work with you to identify the best standard or customized assessment package based on your organization’s needs, the seniority of the leadership role, and the purpose of the assessment (external selection, promotion, succession management, or development).

Assess the Whole Person

We approach executive assessment with a holistic methodology. Our approach incorporates multiple assessment procedures and tools to capture a complete and full understanding of the leader. The assessment solution may include personality assessments, structured interviews, and critical thinking measurement. For more senior roles we may also recommend job simulations. When working with internal leaders we recommend the addition of 360 Feedback (see the Service Level chart below for more details) as an optimal solution.

Data-Driven Recommendation

As a data driven company, we evaluate the assessment data and provide you with a concise report that summarizes the leader’s strengths, weaknesses, development needs, and likelihood of success in the specific leadership role.

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Custom Leadership Workshops

3D Group offers customized professional development workshops that focus on management and leadership skills. If you have identified a development need for a group of employees in your organization, our consultants will work with you to develop a custom program to help your employees improve their skills, work better together, or create shared goals to improve results.


We examine individual needs, group issues, current changes in order to customize the workshop to the challenges your department or organization is facing today.


We work to customize a program that addresses your needs. We not only ensure the right topics are covered, but the methods we use fit your culture and individual styles.


We use a variety of methods to access engage participants with diverse learning styles. Workshops can range from 2-hours to 4 days, and may be off-site or on-site.


We use our Participant Attitudes and Reactions survey (PAR) to assess reactions, learning, and likelihood of transfer. We can also provide a retention and application-focused assessment as a 6 or 10-week follow up.