Better leaders, stronger teams, engaged employees

At 3D Group, leadership effectiveness is our passion.  When leaders improve, organizations succeed.  That’s why for over 20 years we’ve partnered with our clients to develop innovative practical solutions to help leaders improve and drive business results.

Our expertise is grounded in extensive original research, critical evaluation of current industry trends, and the daily contributions of our Ph.D. level consultants.  In every engagement, our consultants are laser focused on aligning talent strategy with business strategy and understanding the unique needs of your organization.

“The most effective leaders push their organizations to build and retain top talent. To succeed in this endeavor, organizations need a clear purpose-driven strategy for talent management at every level: individuals, teams, and ultimately, enterprise-wide.”


Dale Rose, Ph.D., President, 3D Group

For Individuals

At some level, results can always be traced back to individuals.  Our seasoned Leadership Coaches are passionate about helping individuals achieve clarity and reach their full potential as a leader.

For Teams

Whether it’s a corporate board or a function-specific workgroup, it’s important that teams function efficiently in any organization.  We help teams gain alignment on priorities, clarity on roles, and renewed focus on results.

For Organizations

While individuals and teams aim to drive results, higher-level factors like engagement, satisfaction, and collective talent play a dramatic role… either supporting or detracting from organizational success.