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From day one, 3D Group’s mission has been to fuel leadership success with employee feedback. 

Leaders operate in complex environments, so we pursue Best Practical Solutions that balance industry best practices and the needs of your business. We provide expert service, so you can focus on behavior change at the individual and organizational level.

We were founded in 1994 by two psychologists based on the philosophy that organizations and employees could only improve if they had valid, reliable data to support decision making about their people. Hence our original name, Data Driven Decisions, Inc. (the 3 “Ds” in 3D Group).

We’re global thought leaders on 360 Feedback and it’s the core of what we do at 3D Group. Our expert consultants work closely with each client to develop the best practical solution, supporting a wide range of talent management and organizational development initiatives. Our assessment tools are easy-to-use, scientifically valid and designed to drive individual and organizational change.

3D Group Core Values

Feedback: We believe organizational success depends on employees sharing and acting on behavioral feedback from each other that is honest, specific, relevant, and inclusive.

Flexibility: We partner with each other and our clients to find creative solutions. We avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and take a pragmatic approach to problem solving to meet the needs of employees, clients, and the company.

Teamwork: We win together. All team members contribute significantly to achieving our goals.  Although we each work in distinct roles, our success comes from the team’s collective actions planning, coordinating, and cooperating toward a common goal. 

Accountability: We hold high standards for our work and are accountable to each other and our clients. We value data driven decision making for ourselves and our clients. We follow through on commitments and learn from mistakes.

Fun:  We find, nurture, and celebrate the joy in what we do and create an environment where our interactions with each other and our clients will energize our efforts.

Expert Service

Our assessment experts manage your project, mastering the details and proactively working to improve results for you, your organization, and your employees. Behind the scenes, seasoned leadership consultants and technologists support all phases of implementation, providing advice and guidance as needed.

Best Practical Solution

Because your organizational priorities don’t always allow assessment projects to go “by the book,” we pursue innovative, flexible implementation strategies that balance industry best practices with practical business needs.

  • Leaders are most effective when the people they need to influence see how the leader's behavior aligns with organizational expectations. The best source for evaluating leader effectiveness is feedback from the leader's boss, direct reports, peers and other co-workers.
  • To improve their effectiveness, leaders need to understand and accept feedback from co-workers about their behavior. Without Insight about how their behavior is perceived by others, leaders will not change.
  • Once leaders know what to improve, they can accelerate their growth with support, guidance, and education about how to change.

A Few Words from our Clients…

“It’s refreshing to work with a company of 360 Feedback experts. As a fellow I/O Psychologist, I can appreciate the value of 3D Group’s thought leadership and see the difference that their knowledge and background makes in their consulting and product design. Their 360 generates data in a way that encourages leaders to change.”

Ramzi Baydoun, Abbott Laboratories

“Thank you for your wonderful service, commitment to quality and your flexibility!”

Carol Curoe, Senior Director, Learning & Development, Select Comfort




“You guys ROCK!”

Linda Brenner, Manager, Organizational Effectiveness, The Home Depot




“In the Aerospace Industry it's sometimes difficult, but nonetheless important, to find someone to partner with that is flexible and responsive to our needs. 3D Group fits the bill perfectly.”

Duane Ziller, Director of Human Resources, Heico Aerospace



“3D Group stands out for achieving a rare balance of strong interpersonal skills and insights with equally strong technical and consulting tool capabilities. The instruments developed by 3D Group reflect a "real-world" utility as they are concise and in typical business language - with rigor and technical underpinnings under the hood.”

SVP of Leadership and Organizational Development



“I chose to use the 3D Group's Leadership Navigator 360 degree assessments with my clients for three primary reasons: their product is easy to administer, the information provided is easy to understand, from both the client and the coach's perspective, their customer service and support is superb.”

Shelley Gaynes, Executive Coach, Member of CoachU



Meet Our Leadership Team

Dale S. Rose, Ph.D., President

Dr. Rose co-founded 3D Group in 1994. He is a nationally recognized expert in leadership development, 360 Feedback, and assessment-based human resources solutions. Dr. Rose personally coaches Board members, CEOs and other C-suite executives in a wide range of industries and has authored more than a dozen commercial assessments for identifying and developing talent.

Before founding 3D Group, he worked for Ameritech and a test publishing subsidiary of National Computer Systems where he developed and validated many widely used selection systems and created dozens of customized hiring systems for Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Rose has taught undergraduate courses ranging from statistics to group dynamics and recently co-edited and authored The Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback from Oxford University Press.  He was also the lead author of Hire Better Teachers Now: Using the Science of Selection to Find the Best Teachers for Your School from Harvard Education Press.  His work has been published in academic journals including Journal of Business and Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, Journal of Educational Research, Evaluation Review, Current Psychology, and Talent Quarterly.  Dr. Rose has been quoted in numerous media outlets, such as Forbes, Financial Times, National Public Radio, Chicago Sun Times, Crains Chicago Business, and Financial Executives International.

Dr. Rose received his Doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from DePaul University with a minor in Organizational Effectiveness Technologies.  When he isn’t helping leaders and organizations to be more effective, teaching or writing, Dr. Rose can be found competing in regional and national backgammon tournaments, riding his bicycle, or cheering on his daughter’s softball team.


Michaela Parks, Ph.D., Vice President

Co-founder of 3D Group, Dr. Parks manages company operations and provides project support as needed. Michaela Parks received her Doctoral degree in Clinical and Community Psychology from DePaul University. Dr. Parks has several years of experience in program evaluation research with an emphasis on arts in education programs, including serving as the Director of Evaluation at Urban Gateways: The Center for Arts in Education in Chicago. She has extensive experience evaluating education programs and working with community based organizations to implement and utilize evaluation research.

Dr. Parks currently applies her exceptional organizational skills to running all operational aspects of 3D Group (e.g., contracts management, accounts receivable/payable, vendor management, Human Resources, and developing and maintaining office systems).

In addition to running company operations, Dr. Parks provides internal support on larger projects (e.g., data collection and analysis, survey design, and report production). In her free time, she enjoys making jewelry, travel (particularly to warm and sunny climates), spending time with friends and family and tinkering with her house.

John Diller, M.A., Director of Technology & Client Services

Mr. Diller is deeply involved with both internal and external operations at 3D Group. Internally, John manages software development and oversees IT systems. On the client-facing side, John supervises Client Services, develops customized reports, and lends his expertise to leadership workshops and coaching. In addition to his years at 3D group, John has extensive experience as an administrator, manager, and teacher in both the public and private sectors. Before joining 3D Group, he held senior positions in software development and education, where he incorporated his kinesthetic and compassionate style, informed by years of training in improv and theater. For more than 15 years, John has inspired employees, clients, students, and peers with his management, workshops, classes, and mentorship. John received his Masters of Arts in Education from University of California at Berkeley.

On the weekends, you will find John in the garden, on his bicycle, out backpacking, or in the theater.

Meet Our Consulting Team

Our Senior Consultants have 20+ years of experience and act as trusted advisors to senior leadership at all of our client sites. Collectively, our team is responsible for building product, delivering services, and advising the 3D Group team on implementation strategies.

Our team based model means that you will have a primary project manager, but anyone on our team can quickly answer your question – not just responsive, but informed enough to give a good answer… don’t believe it, give us a call.

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