Amanda Gerut, Associate Editor at Agenda – a Financial Times Service, recently interviewed 3D Group President, Dale S. Rose, Ph.D., for two articles on board performance and hosted a webinar with Dr. Rose as a guest speaker.  Both of the articles and the webinar recording can be accessed through Agenda’s website at the links below.

The first article, “Spike in Boards Assessing Individual Director Performance” focuses on the increased use of individual evaluations on Boards and the need for improved practices to increase the effectiveness of the evaluation process. Dr. Rose shared his insights both from direct work with Boards and from 3D Group’s deep experience with 360 Feedback and other assessment methods.  In the second article, “Five Types of Underperforming Board Members,” Dr. Rose describes five profiles of under-performing board members and makes recommendations on how boards can hire more effectively.  On December 5th, Dr. Rose joined Gerut and fellow guest speaker Dan Laddin, founding partner at Compensation Advisory Partners LLC (CAP), for an in-depth live webinar, “Aligning Director Comp with Board Recruitment.”  Dr. Rose shared his thoughts on how to select the right board members with a focus on increasing board effectiveness through diversity.