On Friday, Forbes published an article featuring one of our clients, Kristi Melani of Plantronics. The article describes how 360 Feedback with followup coaching helped Kristi, a high performing manager, improve her leadership brand, secure a promotion and reach her full potential. We hope you’ll read Kristi’s story in Forbes, but here are some key take-aways:

  • When Kristi received her feedback, it was the first 360 she had done in 10 years.  Offering regular feedback, especially to employees you’ve already identified as high potentials, can prevent frustration and career stagnation. According to our recent benchmark study, 78% of companies using 360s offer employees feedback annually or every two years.
  • Kristi had received both informal peer feedback and performance reviews over the years. These other feedback mechanisms didn’t provide her with the level of detail on what would help her improve and move to the next level. 70% of companies use 360s as a career development tool.
  • Although 360s are sometimes used as a remedial measure, this effort was clearly designed to accelerate a highly effective leader. 360s are most effective when employees, like Kristi, are motivated to develop.
  • The data itself isn’t enough, followup support is critical. Kristi worked with her coach, 3D Group’s Anne Whiting, for six months, meeting in-person and on the phone, making her own development a critical assignment.

 A very special thanks to Kristi Melani and Plantronics for sharing their story and to the article’s author, Robert Sher!

Read Kristi’s full story in Forbes.