COVID-19 Continues to Reshape the Leadership Landscape as Management Seeks More Tools-

Emeryville, Calif. – April 30, 2020 – 3D Group, the industry trailblazer in 360 Feedback and leadership development, has published the sixth edition of its benchmark study “Current Practices in 360 Feedback.” Backed by interviews and survey data from 500 organizations across the global marketplace, the study offers readers the most comprehensive current research available on the value of 360 Feedback practice.

“Taken in the context of the damage COVID-19 is inflicting on global economies, leaders today need every instrument at their disposal to make the right decisions,” says Dale Rose, 3D Group’s president and founder. “As we discussed during today’s webinar, it is not surprising the majority of organizations currently use 360 Feedback to support more than one talent management program.  While some leading-edge companies are using 360s in very innovative ways, the majority of companies can do much better at leveraging these results to drive and to support business strategy.”

A unique feature from this year’s findings includes cumulative reporting of feedback trends garnered by 3D Group during the last 18 years.  This longitudinal data illustrates some areas of consistency over time, but also suggest meaningful shifts in practice.  For example, mobile technology was far less important than researchers had assumed, and paper-based surveys have not been completely eliminated despite the obvious benefits of Internet-driven implementation.

The findings suggest 360 Feedback and executive coaching might be linked. Seventy-seven percent of organizations see a follow up coaching session as essential to the success of their 360 process. Other highlights from the study include:

  • Senior leadership in 82 percent of companies was supportive of their 360 Feedback process;
  • More than 75 percent of organizations expect to continue their current 360 process or expand it to include more feedback recipients in the future;
  • Managers are playing a more significant role in the 360 Feedback process, suggesting leadership development is becoming a more important part of a manager’s job.  For example, 58 percent of organizations recommended a follow-up meeting between a leader and their manager to discuss results and 59 percent of organizations ask managers to be involved in deciding who will provide feedback;
  • Ninety-five percent of organizations expect to maintain or grow their current 360 Feedback process, with most planning to expand processes to include more participants and recipients in the near future.

“Given the importance of feedback for leadership success, it is not surprising companies’ confidence and support for 360 Feedback continues to grow,” says Rose. “Leadership expertise has never been more needed than they are today and reliable feedback is vital to plotting the right course that drives change in organizations.  While we saw clear trends in the data, it is notable that each company tailored their process to meet their needs – in some way, they were all unique.  This suggests that even in the midst of a pandemic, companies will continue to adapt their feedback processes to assure leaders get the feedback and support they need to succeed.”

The survey questions were carefully designed by 3D Group’s research team using a wide distribution network to collect data. The survey was comprised of 64 questions, including five open-ended asks, as well as five-point Likert rating scales and multiple-responses sets. To ensure accuracy, each company was contacted for an interview to clarify and refine their responses.

3D Group relies upon data to support its work that helps clients at the individual and companywide levels make the most informed decisions. The firm’s expert consultants work closely with each client to develop and execute the best practical solution.


Founded in 1994, 3D Group is the industry pioneer of using 360 Feedback that gives organizations and employees valid data to support assessment and development of leaders in all types of organizations.  3D Group’s mission is to help clients win in the marketplace by leveraging behavioral science to assess and develop talent. To learn more, please visit the company’s web site: www.3DGroup.net.


Marc Raybin

Cardinal Communications Strategies