Ever wonder what other HR leaders are doing?

There are well-documented best practices in 360 degree feedback, but what choices are other practitioners making in designing and implementing 360 processes?  While we are continually working to advance 360 feedback practice through research, our benchmark research relies on the experience and wisdom of HR leaders like yourselves.

In this new edition, we asked respondents to be much more specific about the type of talent management program their survey responses are tied to. This allowed us to explore some differences in trends based on the context of the 360 degree feedback process.  The most significant differences were between development-focused and performance management 360 processes. For example, we found that companies using 360s for performance management (instead of embedding it in a development-focused program), tend to use shorter surveys, are more likely to target all employees as feedback recipients, and are more likely to offer 360-degree feedback annually.

In the coming months, we will be sharing insights on specific types of talent management programs that use 360s: Coaching Programs, Leadership Education programs, Performance Management, etc.

Electronic copies of the study are available by request here.  Printed copies are also available through Amazon.