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Start with PURPOSE.

360 Feedback can be used to support a variety of needs – from helping develop a leader who is struggling, to informing the performance management process, to identifying an entire team’s strengths and areas for improvement.

While this speaks to the power of 360 Feedback, it also underscores the challenge in successfully managing the process. Treating 360 Feedback as a one-size-fits-all “remedy” always meets with limited results.

To fully leverage the potential of 360 Feedback, it’s important that your process be tailored to your unique purpose. That’s where 3D Group can help!  Our expert design consultants will be with you every step of the way, helping you think through key priorities and tailoring the process to fully meet your needs.


“3D Group stands out for achieving a rare balance of strong interpersonal skills and insights with equally strong technical and consulting tool capabilities. The instruments developed by 3D Group reflect a ‘real-world’ utility as they are concise and in typical business language – with rigor and technical underpinnings under the hood.”

SVP of Leadership and Organizational Development


Whether you need validated, role-specific content or the flexibility of a blank canvas, we’ve got you covered!


Having assessed millions, our proprietary 360 Feedback software is among the easiest to use in the industry.


The 360 reports we provide are powerful, easy to interpret, and help folks quickly hone in on top priorities.


Feedback alone does not create change. Our seasoned coaches guide leaders to insights that move the needle.


3D Group’s flagship suite of role-specific 360 survey tools, Leadership Navigator®, provides comprehensive feedback for a wide range of leaders.  National and local norms are also available to help benchmark your leaders’ performance.

Learn more about Leadership Navigator®


In other cases, our clients’ needs call for custom survey content. We’re here to help, whether that means helping you construct a brand new survey or simply delivering your existing content as part of the process.

Learn more about Fully Customized 360 Feedback



The two things we hear most often about our proprietary 360 survey system is that (a) it’s flexible and (b) it’s easy to use. That’s music to our ears!

Our system features:

An intuitive and easy-to-navigate user experience
A secure, single-point access to all surveys
Simple password recovery
Targeted email reminders
24/7 tracking of response rates


We provide clear, high-impact reports that allow leaders and coaches to quickly move beyond basic interpretation to deeper insights and action planning.

Report highlights include:

Configurable formatting
Colorful graphical displays
Item-level scores
Highlights of high and low scores
External normative data comparisons
Norms for your company
Blind spot analysis


Feedback alone doesn’t help leaders grow. Left to their own devices, leaders often lack follow-though and  struggle to use 360s for REAL and LASTING change.

Our coaches help push leaders to game-changing insights and transform those insights into powerful changes that benefit both the leader and the company.


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