We are now collecting data for the 7th Edition of Current Practices in 360 Feedback.  

Are you responsible for an active 360 Feedback process within your organization?  If so, we’d like to invite you to participate in 3D Group’s latest benchmark study. Participants will receive an advance copy of the results.  Take the survey here: bit.ly/360Study22 

Current Practices in 360 Feedback, 6th Edition

The most comprehensive benchmarking study on 360s available.

Taking a step beyond well-documented best practices, this study sheds light on the day-to-day realities of how companies actually implement their 360 Feedback processes.

In our sixth study, we take a detailed look at:

  1. Trends in 360 practice since 2002
  2. Key design decisions: survey content, rater selection, report features, development support and the future of the 360 Feedback
  3. ‘Strategic’ 360 Feedback and the critical design decisions that impact how strategic a process will be

Including data from over 500 companies (including 75+ from the Fortune 1000), this Study is a must have if you are currently using or considering 360 Feedback!

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